Effervescence... Of the vines, To the work on the wine in cellar :

Our house undertakes with the greatest care each step in the elaboration of our Champagnes.

The first step, the grape harvest: The local winegrowers decide together each year the date for the grape harvest. Each winegrower decides whether or not to further delay according to the maturity of their grapes.

After the grape harvest, we proceed with the pressing. This operation is carried out with a careful attention, it marks the beginning of the wine-making procedure.

The second step, fermentation: The transition of the grape must to wine is obtained with yeast. After this fermentation, the wine is aged in vats, where the harvest each parcel is separated for dissociated wine-making.

The assemblage of our wines is carried out by family and friends.

The third step, tirage: This operation consists of bottling the wine and adding sugar and yeast, to obtain the Champagne bubbles,

This delicate operation, begins an active but latent period for our wines.

After 24 months of patience, regular turning and the addition of liquor allows the creation of our entire range of Champagnes.


Vineyard grape varieties:
7% Pinot Meunier - 13% Chardonnay - 85% Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Black grape with a colorless pulp, 39 % of our planted surface, gives a white juice as the skins do not have time to color the juice while pressing. Makes a full bodied wine with a fine bouquet.


White grape, 29 % of our planted surface, gives a fresh and delicate wine.
A Champagne exclusively made with this variety, which is can be found in the region côtes des blancs, is called blanc de blancs.

Pinot Meunier

Black grape also with a colorless pulp, harvested a little later than the pinot noir, 32% of our planted surface, which gives a wine close to the pinot noir but fruitier with less aging ability.